Two really awesome resources! Stop apologizing for looking after yourself, know when to change vs. stay the same, a little note on Grad Students Against Burnout! and practicing rest. Since last Sunday, I crossed paths with two helpful resources I want to share with you. Both were created by other academics I admire, and their Read More »

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Heather Ross’ podcast Better Me, where we talked many things self-care! You can listen to the episode here. Heather’s blog and podcast are excellent, definitely check both of them out as a really awesome resource (RAR!). While we were chatting, Heather asked me a really Read More »

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks running our very first offering of Grad Students Against Burnout (G.R.a.B.)!, our online, live self-care course for graduate students (in any discipline). It has been a blast – seeing this project move from being an idea, to an actual plan, to interacting with our very first cohort has been Read More »

One of the biggest pieces of advice you often hear about self-care is to learn to set boundaries. Setting boundaries is important for carving out time and space for self-care – we even blogged some practical tips for setting self-care boundaries in the past. Setting boundaries is also part of focusing in on what work Read More »

“No blame, no shame” is a handy phrase I adopted from Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robins. In that book, Robins uses “no blame, no shame” to refer to not getting caught up in being harsh with ourselves or judging ourselves for how we handled our finances in the past. What is more Read More »

I find myself looking at the calendar a lot lately. The days are creeping toward March 17 – for my family that’s the day that the pandemic reached us directly. It seems like a long time ago and it seems like it was barely yesterday. Life has changed, a lot. Yet, a lot of the Read More »

We have a personal question for you: Have you taken any vacation? It’s August, and the new semester is only a few weeks away. Framed differently: It’s August, and there are only a few weeks left for you to take any summer vacation! Have you taken any yet? It’s easy for academics to go through the Read More »

It has been quiet around here for a few months – and often, when that happens, bloggers open up with an apology for falling off the face of the Earth and not posting. But the truth is that our hiatus was intentional. We pulled the ripcord on our self-care parachute and implemented an emergency self-care Read More »


This semester we’ve had the amazing opportunity to speak to graduate students and faculty in multiple clinical psychology graduate programs across Canada and the United States. One question that we receive a lot, especially from graduate students, is how to engage in self-care when their graduate program doesn’t seem to be supportive of the time Read More »

Tips for Resolutions That Last

Happy New Year! We know that after the challenges of 2020, many of us are hoping for a brighter new year. Some things that often come along with a new year, of course, are new year’s resolutions! The New Year is often accompanied by encouragement to change, overhaul, and become our best selves.  We admit Read More »