Knowing Core Values: Step 1 for Self-Care

In a previous post, we outlined why understanding your core values is crucial for developing great self-care plans. The TL; DR* summary of that post is: Knowing what really drives us helps us live our lives in ways that make us feel rewarded, connected, and alive. This includes our self-care choices. When we match our Read More »

Self-care is everywhere. You’ve likely been told how important it is for your work, how it fosters innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. We’re sure you’ve been told it reduces stress. All of these statements are true. Self-care really does have amazing benefits, when it is done right. The problem? How we’re told to do self-care is Read More »

Every time we speak to audiences about our work we start by saying this: Our approach to self-care is different from any other advice you’ve received. Ours is different for 2 reasons. Read More »