What’s a Self-Care Kickstart VIP Day?

We recently launched our second service – our Self-Care Kickstart VIP Day – and we are so excited! You might be thinking “What the heck is a VIP Day?” If so, this post is here to explain that!

A VIP Day is a day all about you. It replaces weeks of coaching sessions by condensing everything into one day (6 hours), focused entirely on your self-care. What would usually take 6 weeks takes 1 day! No need to make time for six weeks of appointments with us and no need to incrementally make changes. We’ll give you everything you need to get started with a workable self-care plan immediately. But don’t worry about hung out to dry after that! We will also follow up with you for three weeks of email support and a final catch-up and troubleshooting session four weeks later.

Why condense everything into one day?

Because you’re busy! Research shows that the biggest barrier to self-care, across lots of types of professions, is time. Being busy means not only is it hard to fit weekly coaching into your life, but you most likely need a full self-care reset and a workable plan you can implement right now. A VIP day, where we focus on kickstarting your self-care immediately can help shake up your current approach to self-care and shift you to a new self-care trajectory. Plus you’ll get a 6-hour chunk of self-care right from the get-go (a whole day with us, focused on YOU). Being busy also means you don’t have time to waste! The focus of our day is to sit down, work together in a dedicated space, and get some sh%t (aka creating a workable self-care plan) done together. There is no fluff in our kickstart!

If you’re like most of the people we work with, your current approach to self-care isn’t working. And we know why. The plan that we’ll make together is much more likely to work because:

  • We tailor it to your actual life, not an aspiration
  • Your plan will align with your core personal values
  • We’ll aim to bring you joy and a sense of meaning via your self-care
  • We won’t use guilt or shame as motivators

Our goal is for you to end our day together with a doable, reasonable approach to kickstarting your self-care that you will not struggle to implement!

Just like in our other forms of programming, here is what you’ll learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to self-care suck
  • A detailed conceptualization of your stress, self-care, and barriers
  • What personal values you can use as motivators, and how to do that
  • How to create a workable self-care plan that is useable, not aspirational
  • How to troubleshoot barriers that arise

Note: We hate marketing. Like, really, really.

There is a reason you’ve never seen coaching services offered at Teach Me Self Care before now: We hate marketing. It feels icky! We will always continue to give our tools away for free via our blog.

So why are we offering coaching services now? Because we finally found something we really believe in. We have worked with enough people, and tweaked our programming enough: we know it works. We also truly believe we have something unique and different to offer. Too many helping and knowledge professionals are drowning in their careers. And they’re trying to do self-care, but the approaches we’ve been taught are all wrong. It doesn’t have to be like this.

What You’ll Finish the Day with:

  • a new understanding of how values and self-care are related
  • a complete picture of your barriers to self-care
  • a new understanding of your core personal values
  • Zoom recording of the entire day
  • A customized workbook
  • 3 weeks of email support to stay on track
  • 1 45-minute coaching session, 4 weeks laterI

Interested? Check out our booking page and let’s get started!

In self-care solidarity,