Setting Boundaries for Self-Care

We’ve mentioned before that the biggest barrier we hear when it comes to self-care is finding time for it. But sometimes not having enough time isn’t about the number of hours in the day, but rather about carving time away from other demands, obligations, and responsibilities. Read More »

Creating Time for Self-Care: Part 2

This month on the blog we’re back to talking about everyone’s #1 barrier to self-care: Time!  In our last post about time, we acknowledged how hard it can be to find time for self-care, especially for those of us in the helping professions. Time is a legitimate barrier to self-care. Research study after research study Read More »

Is Your Self-Care Joyful?

One of the first things we always do with our groups and coaching clients is ask them to describe their current self-care and what they envision their self-care looking like moving forward. We do this to get a sense of what is working and not working for our TMSCers now and what their perceptions of Read More »

Making Time for Self Care (photo credit: Anders Jilden, Unsplash)

When we do presentations, workshops, and talk with helping professionals about self-care, the #1 challenge to self-care is always time. Everyone knows that self-care is a good idea. Everyone wants to do self-care. But holy cow, we are busy giving and caretaking, and there isn’t much time leftover! We get it – we have also Read More »

Self-care reset

We don’t know about you, but our self-care journey has lots of hills and valleys. Sometimes we seem to be absolutely rocking our self-care: We’re doing what we love, we feel calm and grounded, and life feels the way we want it to feel. Other times? Our self-care feels like it is a mess, we feel frazzled all of the time, and we’re squinting hard at our lives wondering if anything in there is self-care at all. Read More »

Small Win Self-Care: Maintaining Self-Care in a Crisis

The world has changed for all of us a lot since we last blogged. We’re feeling a lot of uncertainty and fear. We’re worried about our loved ones, the people we care about who work in health care, our own patients, our students, and our neighbours. When we’re worried, or overwhelmed, or stretched to our limits it can be easy to give up. But there are still 3 steps to Small Win Self-Care. Read More »

Knowing Core Values: Step 1 for Self-Care

In a previous post, we outlined why understanding your core values is crucial for developing great self-care plans. The TL; DR* summary of that post is: Knowing what really drives us helps us live our lives in ways that make us feel rewarded, connected, and alive. This includes our self-care choices. When we match our Read More »

Self-care is everywhere. You’ve likely been told how important it is for your work, how it fosters innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. We’re sure you’ve been told it reduces stress. All of these statements are true. Self-care really does have amazing benefits, when it is done right. The problem? How we’re told to do self-care is Read More »

Every time we speak to audiences about our work we start by saying this: Our approach to self-care is different from any other advice you’ve received. Ours is different for 2 reasons. Read More »