Nature is restorative! Use it often. Connecting with nature is a wonderful self-care activity that is restorative, a slight geeking out on the science of why. I do not consider myself a person with a strong connection to nature, but I’m working on it. I didn’t grow up camping, I refuse to swim in bodies Read More »

How can you encourage the self-care of others? Quite some time ago, I was asked to write about how leaders* can promote the self-care of those they work with. (Apologies to the reader who asked me to do this, for how long it has taken me to get to this). I had so much to Read More »

Figuring out what you absolutely need to look after yourself is an excellent place to begin your self-care journey or a self-care reset. When it comes to looking after YOU, be ruthless with your non-negotiables. This last week I had the opportunity to do a speaking engagement about incorporating values into self-care and how organizational Read More »

Giving us three ways to aim our self-care! Plus a few plugs for some upcoming opportunities and a lesson about not always following our brain. The three types of happiness* *except to be sciencey this is called “subjective well-being” Preparing for a recent lecture on happiness, I learned that researchers in positive psychology divide happiness Read More »

You know what feels amazing? Flow! In which I challenge you to find some time for flow, a little reminder to do Spring/Summer planning, and a book recommendation. I recently finished teaching a course on positive psychology as part of the Saskatoon Seniors Continuing Learning program – and loved it! Side note: this is a Read More »

Who needs to understand your self-care? The answer is simple! You! (and only you). Everyone else is a wonderful bonus or someone to not worry about. Just like people are different (and their values are different) self-care is different. There are a million ways to engage in self-care, based on our own unique values, needs, Read More »

Making your space serve YOU. Some notes on workability, encouragement to think outside the (space) box, a really awesome resource, and a note on moral neutrality. A few years ago, I fell in love with KC Davis’ Struggle Care website, social media feeds, and book. I think a lot of you will love her work Read More »

When to be gentle with ourselves. Sometimes being gentle is more important than solving problems, a little discussion about wake-up calls, and this calming gif of Bob Ross being gentle with a baby deer. I haven’t sent you a mail out in a few weeks, which was not initially planned but ended up being purposeful Read More »

My response to a reader question (thank you!), a discussion of how we can’t do everything even if we want to, advice on how to choose what we do, and a little note on getting what we want. Phew, that’s a lot! I ended last week’s post with a self-care Ask Me Anything survey – Read More »

Demonstrating that it is a process, not an outcome, a confession that I don’t do bubble baths, the joy of a new haircut, and a little update on new practices. Sometimes when I tell people that my students and I study and share self-care practices, I have a little flare of imposter syndrome. Because despite Read More »